EverQuest II Information Celebration

At E3 this year, there was a demo shown of the new EverQuest II, which was connected to a live server and offered insight into what the new title will be like. The demo consisted of the level "Befallen," which is a remade version of a level in the original EverQuest.

The most notable improvement was the graphics overhaul, which appear crisp and clean. The character models move realistically and the backgrounds are expansive and detailed. Spell animations are suitably spectacular, with even the most routine spell having an impresive animation. The highlight of the demo, though, was the dragon, which seems to have actually scared some of the viewers.

All the eye candy comes at a price, however. The system requirements for this game are going to be pretty high: You will need a GeForce 3 class video card or higher to run this game. The game comes out in Q4 2003, giving you plenty of time to upgrade your computer in anticipation for the new MMORPG.

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by Orie House    
Source: [GameSpy]

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