Big Day for RPGs

While E3 will soon show us the future of gaming, four big games have just shipped to retailers.

Nintendo's Game Boy Advance continues to be the hangout for many classic series, as the handheld powerhouse adds two games to its North American library today. Taking place in the year 2035, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow places gamers in the role of Soma Cruz, a high school student struggling against the forces of darkness. The latest (and repeatedly delayed) installment in the Lufia series, entitled Lufia: The Ruins of Lore, takes place long after any of its predecessors, and kicks off an entirely new set of adventures. Both of these games have price tags of $29.99.

Representing the Playstation 2 is the second volume in the ever-unique .hack series. Keeping with the theme of simulating an MMORPG, .hack//MUTATION is pretty much an expansion pack of INFECTION. The game will once again be bundled with the latest DVD in the anime series .hack//Liminality and carries a price of $49.99.

PC gamers finally have the chance to get their hands on EVE: The Second Genesis. This game tells the story of five empires struggling for power in a new galaxy and can take up your hard drive space for $49.99.

In addition to these four games shipping today, GameCube owners only need to wait one more week for Lost Kingdoms II to arrive in stores. This card-collecting RPG can be purchased for $49.99 when it ships on May 13th.

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