More Boktai Details Come Shining Through

Konami recently brought to light some new details regarding the gameplay of their sun-sensitive vampire-slaying Game Boy Advance title Boktai.

In Boktai, the player will be able to defeat vampires by using a tool called the Pile Driver. Players must use a solar gun to pester the vampire and get it to follow them out of the dungeons and directly to the Pile Driver. Activating the oddly-named device will destroy the vampire immediately. Furthermore, the differences in day and night will play a key role in the game. During the daytime, the solar gun can be powered up and used against vampires and other vicious monsters. However, at night, the player must be stealthy and elude the vampires by hiding.

Boktai will be released in Japan on July 17, but there has been no word as to whether it will see the light of day in North America. The release of an English logo, however, is quite promising.

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by Cortney Stone    
Source: [Magic Box]

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