From Videogaming to Court: Rune Stirs Up Trouble

A copyright controversy recently sprung up in Japan, where From Software issued notice to competing software firm Retsuzan that it will proceed with legal action if Retsuzan does not rename one of its games. The disputed title is a PC game called Rune World, which From contends violates its copyrights on Rune and Rune II (Lost Kingdoms in North America and Europe).

With the newly acquired clout of Nintendo backing it up, From was able to secure a quick resolution to the situation. Wanting no part of any sort of dispute with the two companies, especially given Nintendo's litigious zeal in similar circumstances past, Retsuzan has opted to rename its title Majewelune World. This new title is agreeable to Nintendo and From, effectively ending the dispute before it began.

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by Andrew Long    
Source: [Gamefront]

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