Shadows of Undrentide Update

Some new details have been made available on the Neverwinter Nights expansion Shadows of Undrentide created by BioWare and FloodGate Entertainment. It seems development has been going smoothly, with the first two chapters being completed and bug fixes being made. The game is set to include an entirely new story and a number of additions to the Toolset, which allows players to create their own environments and stories.

So far this new expansion looks to bring Neverwinter Nights even closer to the heart of Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying. Almost every action will affect how the game will play out later on, which creates many replay possibilities. The Toolset will be improved quite nicely with 16 new enemies, 3 new tilesets, new art resources, and more helpful wizards and documentation. All this allows players to create their worlds with more ease and originality.

The expansion is still on schedule for its spring release and looks to be a good choice for anyone who owns Neverwinter Nights. A second expansion has also been announced for release later this year, and Shadows of Undrentide looks to have enough content to keep you playing until then.

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by Orie House    
Source: [GameSpy]

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