Enix Discusses its Future

In a recent shareholder meeting, Enix discussed plans for its upcoming software line-up. Four games were mentioned in the conference: Dragon Quest VIII, Star Ocean 3, and two undisclosed Game Arts titles. Whether the Game Arts titles are RPGs remains to be seen.

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii stated that Dragon Quest VIII would make a departure from the rest of the series. This is certainly news for a series that has hailed to the very basics of its Famicom roots for the last seven installments. This could hint at the possibility of an online Dragon Quest, as Enix has been talking about continuously over the past year. The company also plans to be more tight-lipped about announcements concerning Dragon Quest VIII, as it was too liberal with the past title, Dragon Quest VII.

Once finished with Star Ocean 3, tri-Ace is considering turning Valkyrie Profile into a franchise.

Finally, Enix stated that it will indeed produce an online game, but it is entirely uncertain at this point what that game will be. Stay tuned to RPGamer as we continue to bring you the latest from Enix.

Thanks to Ian for the news tip.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [Games Are Fun]
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