Front Mission WonderSwan Color Release Date Set
Front Mission

Square of Japan will release the next entry in its WonderSwan Color Masterpiece Collection, Front Mission, on July 12th. The game will be available exclusively in the Japanese market, and it will retail for 5200 yen ($41.82 USD).

The game introduces the strategy RPG world of the Front Mission series with the outbreak of war between the OCU and USN alliances. The WonderSwan Color version introduces a slew of new features not seen in the original game. These additions include improved graphics, rotatable view points when building your mechs, the ability to skip battle animations, more save slots, an auto-save option for use during battles, and the ability to battle against other players via link cable. Learn more about this Japanese-only strategy RPG from our game coverage.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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