Sony Announces EverQuest II

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), has announced it is currently developing EverQuest II, the successor to the original and vastly popular EverQuest.

The second time around, EverQuest is taking on many improvements and new features over its predecessor. The core of the improvements is a completely new 3D engine being built in-house which, according to Sony, will allow an unparalleled 3D world experience. Also included in the new features, players will be able to own their own estates and ride horses and other modes of transportation, not to mention the variety of new quests and events that will be found in the game.

EverQuest II will also have improved localization features, including real-time localization in English, French, German, Japanese and Korean. It will also have localized servers in some preselected countries, which will be able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent users while they explore the lands of Norrath.

It will also have a bevy of new gameplay features, including a new player-defined "branching class system" and increased character feature customization such as hair, eyes, and body. It also features a new crafting system, an all-new rich combat system, and a dynamic world environment.

EverQuest II is scheduled to be released in Winter 2003. More information can be obtained at the game's official webpage, or in RPGamer's coverage.

by Rob Parton    
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