Gust Announces Yet Another Release of Atelier Titles

Gust Interactive has released the titles Atelier Ellie and Atelier Marie several times, and the games are currently slated for a release on the Dreamcast later this year. Even so, that hasn't stopped them from announcing the two titles are under development for yet another system. This time, the games have gone portable, as Gust has merged them into a single Wonderswan Color title, Marie & Ellie's Two Ateliers.

With such a drastic compression, the purpose of the game is obviously changed somewhat. This time, the titular alchemists must create the legendary chemicals required to complete the game within 3 years of game time. Both characters can be controlled simultaneously, and the rate of mixing success will improve if the characters work in conjunction. Additionally, new events have been incorporated into the game for scenarios in which both Marie and Ellie are involved.

No release information was made available concerning Marie & Ellie's Two Ateliers; however, the titles have generally never made it to North America, and with the WonderSwan Color still lurking on the horizon, this title shouldn't be expected anytime soon, if at all.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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