Enix, Squaresoft, and Namco Chat About Their Agreement

In a recent interview with the three companies, Squaresoft, Namco, and Enix divulged more information about their agreement. Each company has bought stock shares in the other two, and the impacts of these sales could be industry wide.

One interesting point that did come up was that development teams from Squaresoft had been placed in both Enix and Namco in order to help create games for both companies compatible with the PlayOnline network. This could be a good sign for RPGamers, as it is possible they could play several different RPGs online through one flat fee.

Namco also announced Enix and Square characters will be used in future lines of merchandise, though there's no plans to use them in games together yet. The thought of Lenneth Valkyrie meeting Cloud...

Perhaps the most interesting to RPGamers may be Enix's inability to divulge information as to whether Dragon Quest VIII will have online capabilites, or if the game will be using PlayOnline. Enix and Squaresoft also made mention of an unnamed game coming out in Spring 2002. This game will have PlayOnline support.

by Anna Marie Whitehead    
Source: [Core Magazine]
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