Final Fantasy X Ready to Rumble

During a PlayStation2 party yesterday evening in Japan, news RPGamer fans have been anxiously awaiting finally came to light. Square corporate director Shinji Hashimoto announced that a master copy of Final Fantasy X, ready for mass production, had been complete for 'some time'. A movie of series producer Hironobu Sakaguchi was also played, where he talked about the struggle of keeping the game series fresh. Mr. Sakaguchi also touched on Final Fantasy X itself, noting that any future plans for the series would 'defy prediction'.

The production end of Final Fantasy X was also discussed. It was revealed over 300 staff had worked on the game throughout its development, and that the team had felt 'unsettled' working with the new hardware of the PlayStation 2 as well as the new feature of voice acting.

With the release of Final Fantasy X less than a month away, this is mixed news for those anticipating the game. Will all the hard work of the staff pay off to make an excellent game? We'll have to wait and see.

by Anna Marie Whitehead    
Source: [Core Magazine]
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