More Coldstone Updates

A new update was recently posted regarding Beenox's current project, the Coldstone game creation system. The team has made significant progress over the last couple months. The game engine is now completely written in C++ and capable of compiling game levels for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms without any variations or discrepencies between the two. Alpha masks have been integrated into the program, allowing for transparency effects on elements like candle flames. Furthermore, the engine now supports three graphical file formats: PICT, JPEG and PNG, allowing users to utilize the strengths of each different type. Keyboard support has been finalized throughout the game, with both player control and interface navigation operating properly now.

Beenox's game engine appears to be progressing quite well, and is likely approaching completion. Coldstone will be published by Ambrosia Software, who will also be releasing Pillars of Garendall, the first RPG title to be created within the development system. While Coldstone itself will only be released for the Macintosh, the games created with it can also be compiled for Windows machines. Thus, Pillars of Garendall will be playable under the classic Mac OS, Apple's new OS X, and Windows.

by Matthew Wanlin
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