Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Japanese Release Update

Luckily for fans of the Star Ocean series, Enix has not postponed the June 28th Japanese release date for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere but have instead lowered the price to 5800 yen (approximately 48USD). Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is a direct sequel to Star Ocean: Second Story, and follows the continuing saga of Claude, Rena and the rest of the heroes from Second Story. The title marks the first appearance of the series on a handheld platform.

Unfortunately, fans of the series in North America are unlikely to see a translation of the third game. At E3 it was still mentioned as a possibility, but since then a representative from Enix of America has stated the title will not be localized for the North American audience. Among the reasons cited for the decision were the size of the cart and Nintendo's current transition from Game Boy Color to Game Boy Advance. When asked about the possibility of a Game Boy Advance version, the respresentative said Enix currently does not have the resources to devote porting the title.

by Martin Drury    
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