Fire Emblem Saga Renamed, Released

A little-publicized series, Fire Emblem is known for being the original tactical RPG. Unfortunately, titles from the series usually receive limited coverage in North American media as a result of Nintendo's decision to release them exclusively in Japan. There have been five entries in the Fire Emblem series, and the latest, for the Game Boy Advance will be released in the coming year. The developers of this series, Enterbrain, recently released a PlayStation offering, which had been titled Emblem Saga, but has been renamed as a result of the company's decision to split from Nintendo on the project to Tear Ring Saga. Its themes, however, are similar to those in the Fire Emblem series. Tear Ring Saga not only has all the standard features of a tactical RPG, it also has several unique qualities, such as weather influencing the outcome of events and permanent death for characters killed in battle.

Fans of tactical RPGs will have to import this game, since the chances of it reaching North America are fairly slim. The game was released on May 18th in Japan. Thanks to Tristan Adnade for the information.

by Andrew Long    
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