Enix Acquires Share In Game Arts

Enix Japan has made the decision to invest in Game Arts, the developer of both the Lunar and Grandia series. The agreement grants Enix publishing rights for the two Grandia titles currently under development for the PlayStation2: Grandia II, a port which was revealed several weeks ago, and the enigmatically named Grandia X, a title for which network support has now been confirmed, which meshes with earlier reports indicating Game Arts was interested in developing an online title.

Enix's acquisition of the shares, for which they paid 99.2 billion yen, will also result in co-operation between the two companies on software development and sales. Additionally, there are now tentative release dates for the Grandia titles. UbiSoft will remain the North American publisher for Grandia II, which is tentatively expected out by the end of 2001, and Grandia X is now expected by spring 2002.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [FGN Online, The Magic Box]
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