Legend of Legaia 2 Uncovered

Sony has announced a sequel to 1999's Legend of Legaia is under development. The original was characterized by the Tactical Arts system, which enabled players to enter moves in a similar fashion to a fighter. Sony has confirmed this system will return for the sequel, though whether any changes would be included remained uncertain. It will be joined by the Key Person system, which will enable key characters to be either friends or foes depending on the player's actions. Finally, Sony has included summonable monsters known as Orijins to aid players in battle, which can be summoned through the use of items.

Legend of Legaia 2 will follow the story of a young hero named Nanfu. Much like the original Legend of Legaia, the story begins in the hero's hometown, which is surrounded by forest and water, apparently generated by the water stone. No other story elements have been announced as of yet, but some of the key characters, such as the stone snatcher and a mysterious girl from an evil force, may shed some light on how the story will progress as more details become available.

Sony has not announced a specific release date for the title yet; at this point, they are aiming for a winter 2001 release date for Legend of Legaia. This is, of course, a Japanese release date, and there is no word as yet on when and if the game is coming to North America; however, Legend of Legaia 2 is first party software, and Sony generally brings over most of their RPG titles.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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