Banpresto to Release Super Robot Taisen For Dreamcast

After indefinitely delaying the title, it seems Banpresto will be releasing the Dreamcast version of Super Robot Taisen Alpha after all. The title had been delayed, along with a slew of other Dreamcast titles, shortly after the announcement came from Sega that they would be discontinuing production of the console, and its future had been uncertain. Now the Dreamcast version, which features full 3-D battle scenes, new events, and a new ending, along with 'fusion attacks', has been confirmed for Japanese release on July 26th.

Super Robot Taisen Alpha is one of many robot simulations produced by Banpresto. The title was released for the Playstation back in March, and the Dreamcast version will retail for 7800 yen, which amounts to roughly $65.00 US. The game will likely not be released in North America for either the Playstation or the Dreamcast.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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