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E3 2001

JoWooD Announces PC RPG at E3

JoWooD announced today their lineup of games ready to be shown at E3. Among the X-Box, PlayStation2, PC, and Game Boy Color titles was a new PC RPG called Gorasul - The Legacy of the Dragon.

Gorasul follows the life of a boy called Roszondas. While not clear what race Roszondas it, he was raised by a dragon since infancy, and has obtained magical powers from him. Unfortunately, the world is beset by war with a demon from another dimension and is about to collapse. Roszondas, being the typical hero, goes out and attempts to save the world using his draconic magic. Other magicians in the world are also pursuing the same goal, and likely will end up as partners to Roszondas.

The game begins on an interesting note that Roszondas has just been resurrected after being killed once again by the evil in the world. More details will hopefully be divulged during or after E3 on this interesting looking game.

This game was previously announced as Gorasul: Lost Souls

by Anna Marie Whitehead    

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