Tales of Destiny 2 Confirmed for North America

Tales of Eternia has received both a new name and confirmation of a North American release. The title, which will henceforth be known as Tales of Destiny 2 in North America, will be coming over complete with a new opening song, as discovered in an email from Tommy Tallarico, who was instrumental in the original. What exactly the new intro will sound like is anybody's guess; Tallarico said only that Namco was going "to use a different source for the opening of Tales of Destiny 2."

The Tales series has gathered a loyal following over the years, with many of the series' fans being particularly taken with Tales of Phantasia. No release date has been confirmed for the new release, but with E3 coming up, an official announcement could be forthcoming fairly soon. Tales of Destiny 2 is for the Sony PlayStation.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [RPGFan]
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