Evergrace 2 Release Date Unveiled

From Software has announced the release date for the PlayStation2 title Evergrace 2. The game, sequel to last year's Evergrace, will find its way to stores in Japan on June 21st. Evergrace 2 features a party of 3 playable characters and the return of faction action, one of the series' distinguishing features. The action-RPG also features real-time exploration and combat.

Evergrace 2 will be published on a single DVD, which will sell in Japan at a suggested price of 6800 yen, or approximately $56.00 US. While no North American announcement has been forthcoming at this point, the game will likely be ported over, possibly by Agetec, which has traditionally localized many of From Software's titles.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The GIA]
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