New Magical Vacation Information

More information has surfaced on Brownie Brown's GameBoy Advance RPG, Magical Vacation, as the game's Japanese release date draws nearer. This update focuses mainly upon gameplay. The characters will use magic spells learned at the schools for their attacks, and will obviously be doing battle against the monsters that chased them, as well as whatever denizens the alternate world has to offer. The game's system will be turn-based, and the battle field will be comprised of a 3 by 5 square field. These squares will carry a fair amount of importance, in the vein of such games as Final Fantasy Tactics; the direction a character faces and the intervening distance between a player and a monster will both have an impact upon the damage dealt.

At this point, Magical Vacation is set for a spring release in Japan. The game has been confirmed for North American release, but no date has been set, nor has a publisher been announced.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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