Anarchy Arrives in June
Anarchy Online

The release date of the first new major massively multiplayer online RPG since Asheron's Call has formally been announced today in a press release from publisher Funcom. Many retailers previously predicted a May 30 release date. However, Funcom's official release date places the game almost a month later, with Anarchy Online's release expected on June 27, 2001.

Anarchy Online places players in a world set thirty thousand years into the future, where they must choose between the sides of an ongoing war between a military regime and smaller rebel groups. Players will be forced to cooperate in order to complete various missions in the game. For much more information on this eagerly awaited massively multiplayer online RPG, check out RPGamer's preview. A revised version of Funcom's official Anarchy Online website will be launched soon as well.

by Justin Weiss    
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