Enix Announces Cross Gate

Enix has been busy of late tantalizing gamers with their ongoing hidden message, and now there's another game to look forward to: Cross Gate. The title is an online PC RPG, which is set in the Fahren Kingdom, a land with a definite European influence. The game features 14 playable characters, and these can be further customized with one of four different color choices. Cross Gate also features a job system boasting over 60 jobs, including gunner, soldier, wizard, knight, thief, ninja, brawler, doctor, nurse, cook, craftsman, and the always popular unemployed. What role the jobs will play in the game has not been made clear at this point.

Players can travel in groups of up to five to explore Fahren Kingdom. The game will allow for items to be exchanged between players, and a chat interface will be present to allow for players to communicate with others who are online. In a departure from many online RPGs, the game will feature a turn-based battle system, and players will have up to 30 seconds to make decisions regarding attacks; however, if the thirty seconds is exceeded, the turn ends and is then missed.

Enix is planning a summer 2001 release for Cross Gate. The game is apparently being developed in Japan, so at this point it is uncertain whether it will make it to North America. Given the game's themes and Enix's recent decision to bring Dragon Warrior 7 to North America, however, the chance of it coming here is at least decent.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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