Newly Unveiled Evergrace II Game Mechanics
EverGrace II

More early gameplay details have begun to surface regarding From Software's upcoming PlayStation2 RPG sequel, EverGrace II. There will be three playable characters in the game, one of whom will be familiar to fans of the original PlayStation title; Yuterald, the orphaned boy who became a Sword Master in EverGrace, will be returning in this adventure. The other two characters have been named as Ryana and Fillna. While little is currently known about these two, a new combat system called the Real Time Party System has been added to the game, allowing the player to control all three characters at once. The control scheme of the game also allows the player to switch between the party characters at any time, with the other two being operated by the game's AI.

Another game element, called the Full Dress System, enables players to adjust each character's abilities and parameters in real time by altering their armor and accessories. By equipping certain items, called Palmira accessories, characters can perform various special attacks. These are divided into two categories: Magic Attacks and Physics Attacks. Specific on how these two categories differ are not yet known, but the overall power of all attacks will increase proportionally as certain other skill levels rise. From this early information, many of the title's game systems seem to be very close in comparison with the original EverGrace.

Currently scheduled for a Japanese release date of June 21st, EverGrace II will retail for 6800 yen (about $60). No information has been revealed yet on a North American release or publisher.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [MagicBox]
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