Wild Arms 3 Unveiled
Wild Arms 3

An upcoming third installment to the Wild Arms series has been unveiled by means of an animated flash movie on Sony's Japanese website. The movie begins with scratched, sepia-toned images covering the history of the series, recalling 1996's Wild Arms and 1999's Wild Arms 2nd Ignition. The footage then cleans up and colorizes, as Wild Arms Advanced 3rd is revealed for the "21th Century" (sic). While no screens are shown, the game's logo and four characters are displayed, as well as confirmation that the title will be released for the PlayStation2.

Fans can check out the movie at SCEI's Wild Arms 3 page. Aside from the animation, only a Japanese bulletin board is currently available at the site. However, RPGamer will be keeping an eye on this newly revealed RPG, and will report further information as it becomes available.

by Matthew Wanlin
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