Jade Cocoon II Info

A few days after confirming the title is in development, Genki has released further details on their PlayStation2 title Jade Cocoon II. The game's story will take place 100 years after the events of the first game. As aspiring Cocoon masters, players must travel between the four forests of the elements in order to acquire their powers, which are needed to break a deadly curse. Naturally, earth, fire, water, and wind are the elements involved, and along with these forces come over 100 different monsters, each of which can be captured by using Cocoon magic.

In keeping with a recent trend, Jade Cocoon II will feature interactivity with cell phones(specifically i-mode mobile phones in this case). Battling friends and exchanging monsters and items will be some of the options available for those who have this technology. Jade Cocoon II is slated for a summer release in Japan, and will retail for a suggested price of 6800 yen, or about $56.00 US. The title has no confirmed North American release at this time.

by Andrew Long    
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