Jade Cocoon II Revealed

Genki, developers of the PlayStation favorite Jade Cocoon, have announced a sequel is well into its development. Jade Cocoon II will be similar to the first game in that the player will assume the persona of an aspiring "Cocoon Master" who must battle, collect, and combine monsters to be deemed worthy of the title. That said, the sequel will be much larger, with three times as many creatures and a bigger forest to house them. Genki has also made combining monsters a much more in-depth procedure. Finally, as an added bonus, Sony's mobile phone adapter will be made use of for monster trading.

Graphically, Jade Cocoon II will be receiving something of a facelift. Like many PlayStation games, Jade Cocoon featured pre-rendered backgrounds, and like many PlayStation2 sequels to those games, Jade Cocoon II will drop that approach in favor of full 3-D. Jade Cocoon II's perspective will be similar to Grandia II, which featured a 3/4 top-down angle. In a move which is sure to please anime aficianados, Genki has retained the services of Katsuya Kondoh, who had a hand in Princess Mononoke, for the game's art. That, too, will be receiving a bit of an overhaul; early screenshots appear to be much more cheerful than the original.

Genki has given an ambitious release projection for Jade Cocoon II; the company expects to release the title by summer in Japan. No North American release has been confirmed, but Crave, who brought over the original title, will likely bring over the second.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Gaming Intelligence Agency]
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