Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger PSX Finally Announced for North America

Unbelievable as it may sound, Square has finally woken up to the outcry of fans wanting a re-release of two old favorites, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV. Though both have had a release on the PlayStation in Japan, previously there had been no word of bringing them to North America. They announced early this morning that the dreams of many fans were to come through in a collection containing both games.

Entitled Final Fantasy Chronicles, it will contain addition cinematics added to the beginning and end as in Final Fantasy Anthology. However, Chrono Trigger is also touted to have recreations of several key plot points in the game. These are meant to clear up any lingering questions the original release of the game had and add more depth to the sequel, Chrono Cross.

Final Fantasy IV is receiving an even greater improvement. Not only will small features like new cinematics, an ability to dash and share the battles with a second player as found in Final Fantasy VI, but it will also include a brand new localization of the original script! This means the addition of monsters, items, abilities, and scenes that were missing from the release of the game on the SNES. This is terrific news to all RPGamers as this is the first time we will ever see this script translated, as the original release in 1991 contained a 'watered down' version.

Final Fantasy Chronicles has a suggested retail price of $40 US and is rated 'T' by the ESRB. Look for it arriving in stores in a scant few months, as its current release date is set to July 2001.

by Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead
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