Bandai Announces New WonderSwan Color RPG

Bandai has a new WonderSwan Color title in the works, and it will be coming to Japanese stores fairly soon. Star Hearts, described rather vaguely as an action adventure RPG with a fantasy setting, features the journey of either the boy Danda or the girl Tama; both characters also get to travel with a pet sidekick, which will aid in solving the various puzzles and escaping the various traps that are placed throughout the game. Developers still can't get enough of floating islands in the sky, so it looks as though another cloud hopping adventure is in the cards, this one featuring a search to find a dozen elemental spirits to gain a dozen elemental magics, which range from generic fire, ice, thunder, and earth to more unusual elements such as heart and space.

Star Hearts features a familiar system of character advancement; experience points allow characters to level up, which in turn allows for higher grade magic spells, weapons, and armor. Players will be able to encounter 160 different fairies, who will supply information, abilities, or healing. More than 300 types of weapons and armor exist.

Bandai has confirmed Star Hearts for a July 2001 release in Japan, so expect to see a more solid release date be nailed down in the next few weeks. As the WonderSwan Color has yet to make it to North America, no news of a release here is expected.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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