PlayStation2 Online In Japan

Japanese gamers received some good news from Planetweb and Ergosoft today, when it was announced that EGBrowser, the companies' software which will allow PlayStation2 owners to access the internet, has shipped. The software features a web browser, e-mail, and chat functions. Additionally, it has built-in USB modem support, a piece of hardware which is becoming prevalent on PlayStation2 units; in fact, it is possible to purchase the software bundled with one of several USB modems.

In addition to supporting the USB modem, the Planetweb browser also supports the USB mouse and keyboard that are available for the PlayStation2. Ergosoft will be licensing the TCP/IP network stack library and browser to game developers. No pricing details were mentioned concerning the software; additionally, a North American counterpart will likely not come from these two companies, as their operation is effectively local to Japan.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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