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Metal Dungeon

The growing RPG support for Microsoft's Xbox in these months before its release is augmented by Panther Software's Metal Dungeon. The game will live up to the name, featuring an emphasis on dungeon exploration using cyborgs. Different cyborgs can be used for different dungeons, and like most games featuring mechs, the cyborgs can be remodeled between dungeon crawls with the new armor and weaponry collected in the dungeons.

Metal Dungeon features ten playable characters. Each of these cyborgs will gain levels using a standard experience-point system, allowing the player to build up his or her favorite cyborgs. Metal Dungeon is currently without a solid Japanese release date, and no plans for a North American release have been discussed. A futuristic 3-D RPG like Metal Dungeon, however, should find no problem arriving at North American shores.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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