Coldstone Engine Nears Completion

The project logs over at Ambrosia Software were recently updated with some new information regarding Beenox's upcoming Coldstone Game Engine. The current build, which is in Beta 4, has just been released, containing many bug fixes, modifications and the completion of some major game features. Thorough shop lists and inventory items are now in place, and animation editors have all been added into the game, allowing users to set and edit the movement of their characters through a quick and simple interface. Coldstone is being developed on the Macintosh, with the Mac OSX and Windows ports following as progress is made. Further, according to the log file, "If all goes well, the next version should be the final candidate."

The Coldstone Engine is a fascinating concept, allowing users to create deep and interactive RPGs with only a minimal knowledge of programming. Although the project's completion is drawing near, a release date has not been set. However, Beenox's Pillars of Garendall, the first game to utilize the Coldstone Engine, is currently at Beta 2, and slated for release this summer.

by Matthew Wanlin
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