Mac Summoner Approaches Beta

With the PlayStation2 and PC versions of Volition's Summoner having shipped, all that remains to be completed is the forthcoming Macintosh version of the title. GraphSim, the game's Mac publisher, recently noted that they will be moving into a full beta testing phase next week. Volition themselves have been extensively involved with GraphSim as the game nears completion, making sure to stomp a few bugs that slipped through the recent PC release. GraphSim will not be looking for help in the testing, as their internal beta testers will go to work on it as soon as the build is completed. No definite release date has been set for the Macintosh version of the game, but the beta testing stage assures that it won't be long.

Also of note in regards to Summoner is a recent interview with Volition Associate Producer Anoop Shekar in a recent issue of PC Gamer U.K. Shekar mentioned that, assuming Summoner sells successfully, a sequel to the game may become the team's next project. Although nothing is certain at this point, RPGamer will keep you updated should any further news of a Summoner II be mentioned.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [PC Gamer U.K.]
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