Details on a New RPG for the GBC

Pokémon aside, Nintendo's Game Boy Color's RPG offerings have been few and far between during the last few years, with must-have role-playing titles even more rare. American developer Team XKalibur hopes to help change this situation with their upcoming Game Boy Color RPG, Mythri -- a traditional Japanese-style RPG in the same vein as such titles as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. Despite the inherent similarities to these classics of old, Mythri features many unique aspects that help it break the mold, such as anime-style cutscenes, dynamic real-time magic spells, and much more.

The world of Mythri features the two planets Luna and Gaia, which orbit each other in balance. The two ancient "SourceGems," Mythri and Arcana, keep each other in check, and the destruction of either would cause unrecoverable catastrophe. Mythri follows the story of Kageru, a manic depressive farmer, as he and his companions travel through over 50 different environments.

Mythri uses a turn-based combat system with the usual selection of special attacks, magic spells, defensive strategies, and more. What makes battles unique, however, is the game's implementation of magic. The amount of time a character spends casting a spell, which is controllable by the player, directly corresponds to the effectiveness of the spell. Players must be careful, though, because a strong blow taken while casting a spell may break a character's concentration and dissipate the spell. Mythri's battle system gives players plenty of strategic options, such as position customization to let other party members to protect spell casters. Different characters have their own unique talents, too, such as one character's ability to turn enemies' skills back against them.

Despite its exciting features and the fact that it is an American-developed game, Mythri may not see a release any time soon. Currently, the game's developer, Team XKalibur, has not yet found a publisher for the title, which puts all release announcements on hold until the situation changes. Mythri certainly has a lot going for it, so let's hope that an RPG-friendly GBC publisher such as Ubi Soft will pick up publishing rights soon. Stay tuned to RPGamer for any new developments on this new Game Boy Color RPG.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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