Final Fantasy IX Update
Final Fantasy IX

Further information on the latest Final Fantasy has been revealed. This time, two minigames and more on the gameplay system have been disclosed from several sources.

In one of the minigames, called "Mog Net", the player assists moogles in delivering letters to other moogles. As more and more moogles are found and are given these letters, a huge moogle network begins to take shape, and as could be expected, there are rewards of some kind. However, this minigame will not be an easy task, as some of the recipients are a challenge to find.

The second minigame that has been divulged comes as a nice surprise. Chocobos will of course be appearing in Final Fantasy IX! Although only a little has been revealed, a chocobo minigame of some sort is definitely in. Nobuo Uematsu, in his diary at, has said that it is very addictive and deep, and that even when you think you have done everything you could, you discover more. To quote, "I thought I did all the chocobos, but it seems there are even more". On a side note, he also mentions a town called Toreno.

From Weekly Shonen Jump, more information related to the gameplay system has been revealed. A new system for the Final Fantasy series, "Active Time Event" (ATE) involves playing the role of other characters in real time, while another event is occurring. For example, if the ATE menu appears while playing as Zidane, you can choose to play as Vivi. Once the player switches the playable character to him, he will be placed in a scene of Vivi walking around shopping. This is also a good way to discover new things about each character, his or her likes/dislikes and personality.

Further information on the ability system has also trickled out. This time, it is related to the status screen and equipment. If Zidane equips "leather clothes", he gains the ability "Defend girls". Furthermore, items can be combined to make stronger items, and new abilities will be learnt this way. As expected, the method of combining is crucial to the ability one learns.

Two summons have also been officially announced finally. These are: Odin and Bahamut. Odin, as usual, will be riding a giant horse, wielding a great sword, and splitting the enemy in two. Bahamut, as the greatest of dragons, will cause a firestorm with a megaflare.

At last, gamers are treated to a large amount of Final Fantasy IX information, and it is all for the better. With the Japanese release of the game less than a month away, count on RPGamer to bring all the latest news.

by Sachi Coxon    
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