New Release Info for Two Dreamcast RPGs

The Sega Dreamcast is slowly but surely becoming a great system for RPGamers, with several RPGs already released for the console and plenty more on the way. Publisher Ubi Soft brought eager gamers the system's first RPG, Evolution: World of Sacred Device, and is set to please fans again this year with their two Dreamcast RPGs, Evolution 2: Far Off Promise and Grandia II.

Evolution 2: Far Off Promise will hit North American stores very soon, with a release later this month on June 28. Although Grandia II still hasn't been given a concrete release date for our side of the world, its release has been narrowed down to sometime in December 2000. With these titles and many other RPGs on the way this year, it sure is a great time to own a Dreamcast. Count on RPGamer to keep you up-to-date on new details as the news develops.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
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