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Sony has recently announced the restructuring of administration, at a special board of directors' meeting. According to this, the director of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, will be in the running to become one of the general company directors of the whole Sony Corporation. There will be an election on June 29th, to decide this. If he is voted in, this means that he will become one of the officials at the board of directors' meeting, and will take part in the management of Sony. This is a very prestigious position, as he will be one of those in charge of Sony. Regarding this proposition, Sony's publicity commented, "As the foundation of this corporation, Sony will hereafter be taking on the entertainment world, not just consumer electronics". It seems that Sony has big plans for itself.
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Idea Factory, which made Spectral Force, a strategy RPG for PlayStation, has started an online web-based RPG titled, Kingdom of Chaos - Spectral Force: The Universe. This simple online RPG will be free for the first month, and players will be able to own a house, take part in chats and leave messages on messageboards. The main objective is to become a king. The game is in Japanese, but for those interested, it can be found here. Interestingly, Idea Factory has a certain "Chaos Project" in the works for PlayStation 2, which may be a massively extended version of this online RPG.
Source: [Idea Factory]

On Nintendo news, it has been announced that Pokémon Stadium 3 is in the works, and will be compatible with the massively selling Pokémon Gold and Silver.
Source: [Minaduki]

Konami's first RPG for PlayStation 2, Reislied has been set a date of June 29, 2000.
Source: [G-Next]

Onto Square news, the official PlayOnline site will open from June 6th. The address is here. PlayOnline is the online network for Square's upcoming PlayStation 2 and PC releases, including Final Fantasy X and XI.
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Konami will release a demo version of Elder Gate from June 10th. Players will be able to explore five different scenarios, with characters to help you in your adventure. The game is scheduled for a June 22 release.
Source: [Konami]

Apart from Working Chocobo, Square is working on two further games for WonderSwan. Although one is still a mystery title, the other is the port of Final Fantasy I, originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The WonderSwan version will be an improved version from the original.
Source: [Minaduki]

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