Working Designs' Release Update

As with most items regarding the release dates for Working Designs games, there's good news and there's bad news. New details have been released on when North America will see Vanguard Bandits, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete PC, Arc the Lad Collection, and the highly anticipated sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. The good news is that all of these games are still coming out this year. The bad news is that some of them have been delayed.

The somewhat delayed Vanguard Bandits, which was held from release due to small bugs, has finaly been approved by Sony and is currently being manufactured to be sent out to stores. It is shown as coming out this very month, but at this time it is unknown exactly when in June that is. RPGamer will have the exact date next week, so keep checking back.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue has not surprisingly been pushed back to August. This is most likely so Working Designs can put some space in between the release of Vanguard Bandits and Lunar 2. However, this move puts the game's release date very close to Chrono Cross, which some would question. Working Designs knows what they are doing, and avoiding the release date of another RPG this Summer seems impossible, which is very good news for all RPGamers out there.

As for Lunar: Silver Star Story PC and Arc the Lad Collection, they are on schedule. Lunar PC will be released sometime this Summer, and once again RPGamer will try to bring you a better idea of the release date sometime next week. Arc the Lad Collection, the six-disc four game collection including Arc the Lad 1-3 and Arc the Lad Monster Tournament, is still on track for a November release, along with tons of special pack-in items.

The best news of all is that Working Designs is taking the time they need to make these games as perfect as possible. Vanguard Bandits will be in stores before the end of the month, and Lunar PC will be out before the end of Summer. RPGamer will bring you more on all of these great titles in the near future.

by "Doug "Stom" Hill"    
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