Game Play Details for Dragon Quest VII

News continues to flow about Enix's Dragon Quest VII, as Japan prepares for its release on August 26. A cavalcade of details have surfaced about the battle system, the gameplay, exploration, and much more.

For the first time in Dragon Quest history, there will be Computer Graphic (CG) movies at the beginning, for major events of the story, and finally a movie at the end of the game.

In addition to the typical menu of "Fight, Magic, Item, Run", there will also be options to talk to the participants of the battle, friend and foe. Allies will give you advice, and may also learn special attacks or abilities when the correct words are said to them. Talking to allies during battles may also open up different quests. Chatting with the monsters in battle may reveal secrets useful in solving your current quest, defeating enemies, or locations of special items.

Another addition to the battle menu is the option to have characters act on their own. Similar to the AI ability of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, control of what each character does in battle can be set before hand, be it attack, defend, heal, magic attack, or manual control.

Once the battle has ended, there is a chance that a monster defeated will ask to join the party. Monsters captured in this manner can be used in battles, or kept in the Monster Park. While not many details are known about the Monster Park, it is known that each type of monster will require a different environment. As you capture more and more monsters, the Monster Park will require upgrades from time to time. Monsters can also have jobs, just like humans. However, if you want to change a monster's job, the Heart of Monster is needed.

As you explore the overworld, you'll come across different towns and cities. However, during the course of your adventure, the populations of these places will migrate around the world as you do. A small town could become a small city, and later a large city on your subsequent visits. Somewhere in the overworld there is also a Forbidden Land, which has a secret to uncover, obviously.

And finally in Dragon Quest VII, there will be three levels of magic spells. For example, Level 1 Fire is a small fireball, Level 2 Fire is a large fireball, and Level 3 Fire is a fireball storm.

While no release information has yet to be revealed for North America, the announcement is not expected to come until after the Japanese release. With Enix of America resettling back into the area, it is highly anticipated that Dragon Quest VII will cross the Pacific in due time. Keep reading RPGamer for upcoming details.

by Mikel Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox]
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