Working Designs Makes the First Ever Hardcover
Working Designs

RPGamer talked with Victor Ireland, CEO of Working Designs, yesterday at E3. While it was not an official meeting, he did let us in on a few things. After handing out some Ghaleon Punching Puppets and ... stress testing them, Vic handed us the Vanguard Bandits Strategy Guide.

The Guide is a nice piece of work. If you'll recall the instruction book from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, you're on the right track. Imagine a full size book, 200 pages long, and wrap a shiny cover with a picture of Working Designs' own Zach Meston in the back, and that's the guide. As usual, the back of the guide has stickers of all the ATAC's and characters. Finally, an offer for a free poster finishes off this masterpiece. Victor personally confirmed that all Working Design made guides of the future will be of this quality, once again raising the standard of what fans should expect.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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