Natsume Reveals Harvest Moon 2 GBC Details at E3

Players will once again turn a rundown plot of land into a successful farm in Harvest Moon 2 GBC for the Game Boy Color. The game takes the best elements from the series and adds many brand new features that really bring out the gameplay. Players will be able to play as either a boy or a girl in the game's expanded world.

The town in Harvest Moon 2 GBC features new shops and new characters; and new tools, items, and animals have been added for a deeper, more diverse experience. Players can now collect and grow a wealth of different flowers and herbs, and a new inventory system allows four tools to be carried at once.

Brand new mini-games have been added to increase replay value, such as a fishing sequence that allows you to make records of your best catches. One of the Harvest Moon 2 GBC's most interesting new features is its ability to link with Legend of the River King 2 GBC to trade fish, insects, and plants between the two titles. Get your farming gear ready, because Harvest Moon 2 GBC will be available in North America this September.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
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