Natsume Announces the Next Lufia

Today we met up with Natsume. For the followers of the Lufia series, the specific details of the next Lufia game has been changed frequently. Finally, some clarifications for Lufia: The Legend Returns have been released.

The story takes places 100 years after the end of the first Lufia. Doom Island sleeps on the bottom of the sea. Awakened from slumber, the island will again prepare to return to the sky. The Sinistrals are resurrected once again, but again their reasons are not understood. Maxim's hier as well as the Dual Blade has disappeared, and only the 12 persons who have inherited the spiritual force have the power to restore the seal.

In addtition to basic story, character information was also revealed. We have the comprehensive details on sixteen characters for this upcoming title.

    Name Age Gender Race Occupation Height Weight

    Wein 17 Male Human Magic Warrior 175 cm 68 kg
    "I would like to see all of the world. That's all!"
    Wein was living a boring life in a small local village with no excitement. A girl by the name of Seena having hair of cerulean blue appearred in front of him. Wein decided to go on a journey with Seena. Having a genuine heart and full of curiousity, Wein now begins his adventure.
    Seena 16 Female Human Magician (Fortune Teller) 165 cm 55 kg
    "I can't see your future ... perhaps are you stupid?"
    The beautiful girl challenges the riddle of the four towers which have mysteriously dissapeared. Strong minded, and a little sentimental has begun her journey alone with a certain destiny. Soon after Seena meets Wein, she felt something inside of him that she has never felt in others. She asks him to join her on her adventure ... a journey that will determine her life span.
    Randorf 72 Male Human Swordsman (The Guards) 170 cm 80 kg
    "It is my last duty to rescue the Princess?"
    Randorf is a faithful vassal of Princess Melfis. Randorf was called "The Master of Twin Swords" when he was young and people were afraid of him. Now he is old and not as strong as he once was, but his loyalty to the Princess inever faltered.
    Melfis 20 Female Human Princess (Magician of Recovery) 162 cm 48 kg
    "I did not know the outside world was so grand. I would like to expreience as much as possible."
    Princess Melfis was confined to an underground jail due to a betrayal of a subordinate. Due to this experience, she starts to become curious of the world outside the castle. She starts her journey throughout the world in disguise.
    Dei 24 Male Human Robber 160 cm 45 kg
    "There is nothing that I can not steal in the world. I can even get to into the Cremond Palace, if I want!"
    He is a likable robber. His skill of robbery is not as high as he claims it to be. He is a man of compassion and gives all he takes to the poor, leaving nothing for himself.
    Aima 26 Female Human Monk 185 cm 90 kg
    "The grass and stars are my bed and blanket. Some people call it camping out."
    Aima is a Monk training herself to be a Master of the Fist. Aima's Master points out that she must first work on her mental weakness to be a Master of the Fist, thus she decides to go to Wein and his friends on their journey. She is big-hearted and likes to live naturally.
    Deckard 32 Male Human Pirate 180 cm 82 kg
    "Yes, the sea is great!"
    Deckard, the wandering lone pirate. His motto is "I do what I want when I want". His business is pirating, but he never attacks the boat of a good person. He has no self-arareness of his criminal nature. His past is mysterious and a big bounty has been placed on his head.
    Rudy 21 Female Human Gambler 168 cm 52 kg
    "Let's bet, heads or tails. Am I, myself not enough?"
    Rudy is a very glamorous female gambler. Her beautiful, small eyes gives an impression that she is cold, bewitched and tricky, but in fact, she is emotional and sentimental. Sometimes she cheats on a bet, but never has been found out.
    Milka 25 Female Elf Magician (Naturalist) 165 cm 35 kg
    "I feel a slow of spritual forces ... a fondily-remembered wave."
    She is a descendant of the elf race, who are rare now. She witnessed all the Doom Island Wars. Elves love nature more than anything else and regret tje industrialized himan society.
    Isac-Shia 43 Male Human Illusionist (Inventor) 172 cm 75 kg
    "What should this be called without being called an illusion!?"
    He is an inventor and a magician. He is a descendant of the great inventors of the Shia family. He is always inventing something wacky, and there tends to explosions in his laborotory. His ideas are too eccentric for people to understand.
    Chelsee 13 Female Human Idol 132 cm 30 kg
    "I'll do my best!"
    Her dream is to be an idol. She is tough and always tries her best, usually not with best results. She takes everything positively and is very sweet. She continues dreaming of being a star someday.
    Bareia 28 Male Vampire 189 cm 70 kg
    "I shall have red wine tonight, too."
    He is half Human and half Vampire. Lately he has been feeling weak because he hasn't drank any blood. He thinks he is a gorgeous count, however he is the only one.
    Yurist 27 Male Human Wanderer 166 cm 60 kg
    "The wind tells where to go..., look, a good wind is blowing."
    A mysterious wanderer and a poet. He seems to have some knowledge of medical science. He lives the way he likes. What would he have in his eyes?
    Panapas 11 Male Human Artist 130 cm 35 kg
    "That reminds me of you ... a sweet melody."
    He is an artist and a musician. he is very young, but he speaks the way a wise man would. Because of that, he has no friends his own age. In fact, he is very lonely, but he does not want to admit it.
    Moose ? ? ? Capsule monster ? ?
    "Moo ... moo ... moo."
    Moose, the Capsule Monster, It can not speak, but seems to have the power to understand the will of humans. It lives far inside the woods and seems to be a creature of deep sympathy.
    Balzak God of Fire
    He is the mighty God of fire that covers the entire sky. Once he steps on the ground, nobody can stop him from burning everything.

Lufia: The Legend Returns is currently set for a release at the first quarter of next year, and will be for the Game Boy Color.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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