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Shen Mue, then highly anticipated Dreamcast RPG now has an official North American release date. Attention to detail has drawn fans into this game, and a release on our shores will likely be a huge success considering the large amounts of speaking, interactive NPCs as well as the engrossing storyline. The official date was set to Novermber 14, 2000. Shen Mue has also been slated to have online gameplay, so stay tuned for more info on this title.

Bleem inc. has announced a new innovation: Bleem! for Dreamcast. It will play all the Dreamcast games, as expected, but has a new twist: it will allow the play of Playstation games in Dreamcast quality! This new version of Bleem! allows the user to enhance their Playstation games into the better resolution of the Dreamcast without losing any gameplay. Special 'Bleem!' packs will be sold at a retail price of $19.99. These packs will include the Bleem! software as well as 4 games. There will be varied, mixed packs including games from sports, strategy, and adventure genres, and most importantly, RPGs. Stay tuned to RPGamer for the announcement of game lists. Bleem! for Dreamcast is expected to be released sometime early this summer.

Previously rumored to be published by Eidos, it is now confirmed that UBISoft will be publishing and distributing Grandia 2 for the Dreamcast. This will be the second Dreamcast RPG for UBISoft to date, the first one being Evolution. No release date was given, so stay tuned for more info on Grandia 2 as it appears.

Fox Interactive has announced a new combination adventure/RPG games due to be released next summer on the Dreamcast. The new title called is 'Sanity: Aiken's Artifact'. In this sci-fi RPG, you protray the role of Agent Cain, a psychic on a secret mission to save the world (of course) from a band of psychic terrorists. Release date is scheduled for summer 2001.

The voiceover of the main character in the upcoming Sci-Fi game 'Sanity: Aiken's Artifact' has been filled. The hip-hop artist Ice-T, whose immense popularity may draw new fans to the RPG Genre, will be played the voice of Agent Nathanial Cain. Sanity is, again, slated for a release date of late next summer.

The Dreamcast now has a new introductory offer swinging in front of those sitting on the fence: a $50 rebate (bringing the console's price to $149 american) as well as one free month of SegaNet, the online hub of the Dreamcast. In order to receive the $50 rebate those whom purcase the console must register their Dreamcast with Sega. The one month offer, where one can play such games as Chu-Chu Rocket, is to whet the appetite of those anxiously awaiting the 3D multiplayer gaming environment which should be available by August. This new offer will be available from June 4th to August 31st 2000. has now 'hooked up' with 2Wire Inc. to bring better access to Dreamcast users. This new partnership will make getting connected by the Dreamcast console faster and easier-20 times faster than a dial-up connection. Demonstrations of this new partnership can be seen all week at E3.

by Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead    
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