Namco Releases New Character Info for Tales of Eternia

Namco began the Tales of RPG series with Tales of Phantasia on the Japanese Super Famicom. Although the game was never translated for North American audiences, its Sony PlayStaion sequel, Tales of Destiny, made an appearance in North America and was well received by many RPGamers. Now, Namco will make the series into a trilogy with the upcoming Tales of Eternia for the PlayStation. Although little is known about the game's plot, Namco recently released details on six playable characters. As always, please note that these names may change throughout the course of development or translation.

  • Chat - a twelve year old girl who sails the seas with a group of pirates.
  • Farah Oersted - a female agriculturalist. She is a talented fighter.
  • Keel Zeibel - a scholar of magic. This intelligent young man has the ability to summon powerful spirits.
  • Meredy - a sixteen year old young woman. She fights using her mysterious pet, "Quickie."
  • Rassis Fomalhaut - the oldest of the known characters. This 25 year old man is a merchant and a skilled sword user.
  • Rid Hershel - an eighteen year old hunter. Little is known about this young swordsman.
Farah Oersted
Keel Zeibel

Rassis Fomalhaut
Rid Hershel

Tales of Eternia is expected for a Japanese release sometime during 2000. Although the game hasn't yet been announced for a North American release, this RPGamer would be very surprised if Namco didn't bring this title overseas. Stay tuned for any new information on this upcoming RPG from Namco.

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
Source: [MagicBox]
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