RPGamer Treats The World To a Preview of the Upcoming Showcase Event, E3

With this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo (more commonly referred to as E3) just around the corner, RPGamer has compiled a list of all the games confirmed to be shown at the event and games that might or might not appear but are as of yet unconfirmed. You might look upon this as a preview to the main event which will take place next week, from May 11 - 13. Here for your delectation is the full list of E3 candidates. Each game comes with a mini-preview and brief game summary to give an idea of how the title is shaping up before its showing at the event.

There were so many titles available at E3 that the list had to be broken down into three pages. The first two pages list titles that are confirmed to appear, and the third page consists of titles that are likely to appear.

Click here to be taken to a list of confirmed titles from Aidyn Chronicles to Ogre Battle 64
Click here to be taken to a list of confirmed titles from Parasite Eve 2 to Valkyrie Profile
Click here to be taken to a list of as of yet unconfirmed and speculative titles

Well, there you have it. If you know of a title that isn't included on our list and have a hunch that it will make an appearance at the show, mail the RPGamer staff with your suggestion. RPGamer will be in attendance at the event, so expect full coverage on all the show's exciting RPG-related highlights.

by John "Loch" Hynd    
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