Final Fantasy IX Gameplay System Revealed
Final Fantasy IX

Finally, the mystery surrounding the gameplay system of Final Fantasy IX has been revealed, if slightly. Abilities are an integral part of the game. How will IX advance the system of abilities which has been used throughout the series?

In the latest addition to the Final Fantasy series, characters gain abilities by equipping items. Each character has their own unique specialties, and only by equipping items will they be able to use them. Although abilities will be lost once the item is unequipped from the character, if a character uses that ability for a long time, it will become part of the character, and he or she will be able to use it without the item equipped. Furthermore, depending on the character, same items will bring out different abilities.

No longer will the choice of which weapon to use be by power alone. Instead players will have to balance power with the special abilities the weapon brings to the characters. This is quite possible, as Yoshiyuki Ito, the director of Final Fantasy IX has stated that he may include quirky scenes in which the player will have to make a decision on which item to take, and the better choice may rely on intuition more than analysis.

Looks like the latest in the series will add more spark to the oft-used ability idea. As the release of Final Fantasy IX keeps getting closer, there will be more news on the game, and RPGamer will be there to tell you the latest.

by Sachi Coxon    
Source: [G-Next]
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