Koudelka Release Details Nailed Down

Koudelka has been on and off of assorted release lists since its December release in Japan. Finally, after a small span of complete disappearance, release details have been announced for North America. Infogrames North America has signed for the rights to release Koudelka, and plans to release the title early this summer. David Riley, director of Marketing, had this to say about the release:

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a top quality game like Koudelka stateside. The strong lead female character has an intense presence and really draws the player into the compelling storyline. Koudelka will be a great addition to the Infogrames‚ line up.
Koudelka was developed by Sacnoth, a former Square team. Koudelka is a horror RPG adventure, set in the Nemeton Convent; an abandoned ruin in Wales. Koudelka Iassant, the main character, and two other adventurers try to solve the mysteries of the Convent. You can browse RPGamer's current coverage, and count on us to bring you the latest as the release date grows near.

by Mikel Tidwell    
Source: [PSX IGN]
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