Agetec to be Releasing RPGMaker to an Audience Near You

So you've had this awesome story in your head since you played Dragon Warrior, but no one has ever used it for an RPG. According to GIA, Agetec (known for such titles as the Clock Tower series, Echo Night, and Fighter Maker) has decided to bring over RPG Maker on the Sony PlayStation. In fact, it seems to have been underway for some time, as it will make its Western debut this summer after a stopoff at E3 for show'n'tell.

Considering the growing fanbase of RPGers in the States, expect a flood of highly entertaining, plot-twisting, visually stunning RPGs soon after the games' release. Using the time-efficient PlayStation controller, making RPGs is sure to be as easy as stealing Mia Ausa from Nash. Saving will be even easier, as the games can be stashed on the memory cards. Using the DexDrive, you'll be able to share these saves with all your friends on the 'net.

by Mikel Tidwell    
Source: [The GIA]
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