Gameplay Systems Revealed for Dragon Quest VII

Two gameplay systems in Dragon Quest VII, to further immerse the gamer in the world, have been revealed in the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine.

The first system is what has been called "DraQue Mind Real." In essence it involves party members talking to one another to further enhance the story, and also to give advice. For example, talking to different characters in the same situation will bring up differing responses, and sometimes, there will be special information revealed, depending on who you talk to, and when. This will make for an interesting experience as, although essentially a linear game, playing through the game for a second time will still be somewhat refreshing. Furthermore, the player can even talk to the party in battle. At times, a character will encourage you, or give advice. For example, if you talk to Keifer when your defence has been lowered by an enemy's spell, he will say: "You better be careful getting hit because you'll be damaged more." Interestingly, if you talk to Marybelle in the same situation, she will simply say, "Don't worry, and fight." Again, this makes for an enjoyable play experience, due to the variety. As well, it really begins to show each character's personality, furthering the immersion into the world.

The second system revealed is the "Monster Park". In Dragon Quest VII, monsters will sometimes follow the party after battle. Once the party has access to the park, you will be able to keep monsters you have collected there. However, only one of each monster type can be kept in the park, and once there are more, a character called Monster Gramps will keep them for you in a stable. What makes the Monster Park interesting is that there will be a variety of scenery, such as a graveyard, or swamp, probably depending on what kind of monster the party has just got. Although not much information has been revealed of "Monster Park", there are many wishes for a system whereby you can breed, not unlike Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Dragon Quest VII - Warriors of Eden, is looking to be a must-buy item for fans of the series, and the long wait for it will hopefully be worth it. American fans of Dragon Warrior, who have not seen a Dragon Warrior since Dragon Warrior IV on the NES, will surely be expecting a lot from the latest, and RPGamer will bring more information on the game as the release gets closer.

by Sachi Coxon    
Source: [Weekly Famitsu]
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