Play Online Trial Run Beta To Be Released This Fall

Nikkei CG, a Japanese magazine, has reported that Square's network Play Online will have a beta trial run in Japan this fall. Players who sign up for this beta trial will receive a package that will allow them to connect to Play Online and this package will also come with the first compatible title, the eagerly anticipated Final Fantasy X, the middle title in Square's upcoming trio of Final Fantasy's.

In the article, Final Fantasy X was also unofficially confirmed for the PC when it was noted that kits for the Sony's Playstation 2 and the PC would be released. It would be assumed that Final Fantasy X is now on course for release on the PC as well, which is good news all round. This was previously unannounced although Final Fantasy XI, the sequel is already confirmed as being a PC release.

Final Fantasy X is a single player game, but Play Online should allow players to communicate online via the network through chatting, and Play Online should also allow players access to hints and strategies on the game. It is unknown, as of yet, whether these strategies will be written exclusively by Square or representatives or if the consumer can add their own sense of perspective to the fore.

It is unknown whether this pilot scheme will arrive in North America, Europe or Australia as of yet, and Square may decide to give the software a test run in these territories too. Final Fantasy X is pencilled in for a Spring 2001 Japan release, with the game yet to receive confirmation of a release date elsewhere as of yet. RPGamer is looking forward to the results of this beta trial and hopefully a similar scheme may be used elsewhere. More news on this as it is available.

by John "Loch" Hynd    
Source: [Gamespot]
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